You Equip | Youth IN Ministry GatheringOur Plan Will Work for Your Church

You have everything you need to build a youth program that transforms young lives and grows your church generation after generation. You just need someone to show you how to put the pieces together in a way that finally makes common sense.

Borrow Someone Else's Brain

Ever wish you could tap into the collective wisdom of a team of experts with much more "time on the clock" than you? Wouldn't it be helpful to gain from their insights instead of making costly mistakes of your own? Of course, it would.

Whether you're a newbie, veteran, or somewhere along that spectrum, coaching from You Equip will help you assess your current youth program and make changes to create a healthy ministry where young people are fully engaged in the life and work of your congregation as stakeholders—not spectators.

Our team of coaches, led by Timothy Eldred, will help you narrow your ministry focus to broaden your impact on the next generation. You'll learn from our experience to increase your personal and program effectiveness, as we customize our coaching to meet the unique challenges of your church.

You Equip | Customized Coaching


Hard Changes in a Healthy Way

Youth work has turned a drastic corner in recent years and left most churches confused. We've entered a "post-youth ministry" era where the programs and practices of the past few decades fall short and fail to capture to attention and interest of the next generation in a meaningful way.

The majority of churches are desperate to make hard changes that engage the next generation, but good decisions seldom come from a position of desperation. Experienced coaching helps eliminate the pain and problems that accompany paradigm shifts.

Make the Change with Confidence

Working together, we can get your entire congregation—young and old—on the same page moving in a direction where young faith flourishes.


  • Enhance

    Give parents the tools and training they need to disciple their teens with confidence.

  • Engage

    Build strong intergenerational relationships between youth and adults within the church.

  • Equip

    Help young people discover their true identity in Christ and God's purpose for their lives.

  • Educate

    Teach youth and adults to understand their proper place and roles in the Church.

  • Expand

    Build a youth program where young people take real ownership for their ministry.

Learn from Years of Experience

You Equip | Timothy EldredTimothy Eldred is widely considered to be the leading voice and champion for youth IN ministry. He's a relentless advocate for empowering young people to learn by doing and lead by example. For nearly 30 years, Tim has practiced what he preaches as a youth pastor, teaching pastor, and in his current role as a lead pastor. Since 2005, he has served as the President of Endeavor Ministries, which is recognized globally as the father of youth ministry.

    We hired Tim for one reason—he understands how to put young people to work in the church as the Church today.
  • Mike Calhoun | Word of Life
    The way Tim teaches you to reproduce reproducers will transform your ministry.
    Mike Calhoun | Word of Life
  • Amos Gray | First Lutheran Hot Springs
    Tim challenged my thinking and completely changed the way I do ministry with youth.
    Amos Gray | First Lutheran Hot Springs
  • Tash McGill | Strategy Consultant
    Tim's enthusiasm will bring out the best in your teams, and his experience will both inspire and challenge you.
    Tash McGill | Strategy Consultant
    I wholeheartedly recommend that you let Tim's passion reshape your ministry.

Transformation in Six Months

You Equip | Coaching BundleMaking the shift to youth IN ministry doesn't happen overnight. It can't be accomplished in a one-time coaching call or weekend conference—no shortcuts.

We will work with you to carefully and kindly debunk youth ministry myths and practices that continue to prevent youth from developing lifelong faith. We will simultaneously build a rock-solid foundation in your church that is time-tested and proven using the resources pictured. Then we'll add strategy and structure through creating an implementation plan.

After the groundwork is laid and the plan is created during a three-month formation process, we'll continue to guide you over the next three months and coach you through the execution phase. You'll never be alone because we'll be there every step of the way while you launch your youth IN ministry program.

Invest in Your Church's Future

Embarking on coaching from You Equip is a serious matter that you should prayerfully consider because it will impact your entire church. It requires a real commitment and an investment of time, energy, and finances, but it offers a return with measurable results that will completely transform your congregation for generations.

Space is limited for each of the plans below simply because there's only so much time in a month for coaching and traveling, so please choose the package the works best for your needs and budget.